The Reading Lady

Senior Services

I love to read and I love books! A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of spending time at my sister-in-law's home reading to her. For almost 30 years she taught elementary school children and was an avid reader who belonged to two book clubs. Sadly, dementia now robbed her of one of her greatest pleasures in life. Nevertheless, it gave me great satisfaction to have a way to connect with her and help her hold on to some semblance of this delightful pastime.

Several years prior to that, my father-in-law had fallen victim to macular degeneration. He also could no longer focus on the pages of a book and satisfy his own love of literature. It frustrated him greatly that his only source of reading had now become an awkward and unforgiving tape machine. Often, he would begin listening to a good book, fall asleep midway through it and then - rewind! Rewind!

These are a few reasons why I am passionate about reading and desire to read to your loved ones, too.

Lisa G. Miller 


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