Bobbi Taylor Interiors

A Touch of Class is an award winning full service interior design firm in the Denver Metro area. We specialize in high end construction, staging and remodel projects.

We are not just another logo and designer colors, but a reflection of our values as a company. It represents our strong commitment to providing clients with the best our collective minds have to offer: innovations, collaboration, creativity, vision, and strategy.

Our team creates spaces that flow effortlessly, utilizing color, form and scale in a harmonious relationship. We listen then work to create functional, beautiful design solutions captured by the home's architecture and natural surroundings. By collaborating, we produce inspired designs unique to each individual project offering comfort and timeless style. Be that traditional, contemporary, or "pushing the envelope."

We firmly believe that fun is an integral part of any process.

Remember to add a "Touch of Class" to your design needs.

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